Reviews From Schools & Educators

Keene State College
Keene, New Hampshire
"Thank you for your thoughtful, entertaining, and very successful keynote address 'Through Their Eyes' at the New England Conference on Storytelling for Children. You were able to relate some very important information about children and adult perspectives, weaving stories throughout. It was a wonderful balance that truly captivated the audience. The conference evaluation forms came back in unanimous agreement that your keynote address was excellent! These comments by conference participants speak volumes. I think it is especially significant that there was not one negative comment about the keynote. You really set the tone for a very successful conference."
- Mary Mayshark-Stavely

The Children's Museum of Maine
Portland, Maine
"'BUGS!' was a very entertaining and popular show! Jackson's skills as a musician, singer, and teacher highlight the program from beginning to end! His performance has great educational value and several of his songs dealt with respect for insect life and the planet in general. His mixture of humor, sensitivity, and educational content made him a perfect addition here at The Children's Museum."
- Marilyn C. Solvay,  Director of Education and Public Programs

George E. Jack Elementary School
Standish, Maine
"We would like to thank you for the wonderful performance of 'The Man Who Planted Hope.' It was a perfect culminating activity to our Responsibility and Survival units. If another elementary school is interested in 'The Man Who Planted Hope,' you can tell them that we found it very appropriate. The students really enjoyed it and talked about it for days afterward. Thank you again for a wonderful performance."
- Linda Sturdivant

Old Town High School
Old Town, Maine
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing your knowledge with our 9th Grade students during our awareness program. The results of our evaluations indicate that our students found your presentation both entertaining and informative. This particular class is really difficult to engage in activities. We have struggled on many occasions to get them involved and only a handful seem to want to be part of the class. Your 'Perfect High' presentation includes audience participation and to be honest I didn't have much hope that this class would participate. The staff and I were overjoyed that they were actively involved in this program. I watched a class go from sitting still to standing up and singing and dancing. You should take pride in knowing that you are making a difference in our future citizens."
- Pat Kimball,  Chemical Health Coordinator

East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, Tennessee
"With his movement exercises, vocal warm-ups, and unusual presentation style, Jackson provided a delightful treat for the forty-five students who took this four-day institute. He also gave an evening concert for the public, which was well-received. His intense style coupled with his sense of play make him a dynamic performer. His experiences shared with the class were invaluable."
- Dr. Flora Joy, Coordinator, Master's Degree Program in Storytelling

Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut
"What a smashing success you were at my two summer storytelling institutes. Thank you so much for your invaluable contributions to the class. Your performances and workshops definitely added a unique and invaluable dimension to the experience. Everyone loved your performance and truly treasured your well-directed workshop. I look forward to having you make many return visits to my institutes."
- Wendy Nowlan

Lewiston/Auburn Community Education Association
Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
"I'm still laughing over the antics of Jackson Gillman. We hired Jackson to help L/A CEA lighten up and find humor in the workplace. In his one hour presentation, we laughed until our cheeks were sore. He can do anything you want him to to meet your particular goals. He will come up with a fresh routine just for your organization. I am glad I have had an opportunity to see him twice. A third, fourth, fifth time would be just as delightful!"
- Bette J. Swett-Thibeault, Director

North American Association for Environmental Education
Washington, DC
"Your poignant piece entitled 'The Man Who Planted Hope' was well received by teachers and environmental educators, and would be an ideal addition to any Earth Day celebration or classroom discussion of the fragile nature of the environment. Your performance at the final banquet received rave reviews from attendees, Board members, and on the conference evaluation forms. You responded perfectly to the mood and needs of the audience -- you were sensitive, funny, educational, and entertaining."
- Andrea Shotkin, Director of Communications