Programs for Professional/Adult Audiences

Finding the right presenter might be the single most important element of your event. Below are some of the programs which Jackson has brought to a very wide range of audiences. Talk to Jackson, and he'd be glad to customize a performance for your special interests.

Motivation • Education • Inspiration • Challenge • Fun

With The Stand-Up Chameleon's wide range of characters, myriad of voices, and warm, inimitable style, you can count on a customized performance that will be just right. Here are some of the programs that have delighted professional and adult audiences across the country.

Customized Program

Jackson's specialty is customizing comedy/songs/oratory for your conference, business meeting, banquet, celebration, any event.

"Jackson is an incredible comic as well as musician keeping us in laughter and high spirits throughout his performance. He took the time to learn about our group before the show and then tailored many of his comments and stories just for us. It was great!"
- Propane Gas Association of New England

Disorderly Conduct or Musical Nostalgia (with lots of fun surprises)

In his rollicking revue of song parodies and topical originals, no musical form is safe or sacred with the Stand-Up Chameleon's disorderly conduct. In fact, it's all folked up, not to mention blues'd, country western'd, heavy mental'd, and rocked out! Special guests include the Lounge Lizard, the Plain White Rapper, Slimmer Pickins, Maestro, and Jackson's other altered egos in this inspired evening of foolishness and finesse.

"Almost impromptu in format, Gillman's program encouraged and received a great deal of willing participation. His charming and informal style makes the performance lively and fun."
- Portland Press Herald

Songs and Stories for a Small Planet

"...Jackson crafted a highly tailored and effective presentation for our audience and subject matter. The topics were environmental sustainability, climate change, and teaching. He has a wealth of rich material to choose from and customize in these areas, and was able to aim straight for the laugh-nodes of each of our environmentally-oriented professors. Virtually all of the audience was keyed in to his every word. Several commented to me afterwards that he was the highlight of our two-day event."
- Sam Merrill, Director, New England Environmental Finance Center

Food for Laughter

A food-related comedy/music show which can focus on any combination of specific fare including seafood, meat, apples, cranberries, blueberries, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, and other vegetables. It can also include fun satire about being omnivorous versus vegetarian. Comstock Ferre Seed Company hired me for their four annual Heirloom Festivals. (Incidentally, I previously had both cider and maple syrup businesses and am currently a garlic grower. I customized an entire show for the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, and married into a family with several generation of cranberry growers on both sides.)

"Everyone said how wonderful and engaging you were. You are able to blend so many elements into your program and it all seems seamless."
- Liz Russell, Bioneers conference, Connecting for Change

"Thank you for your splendid performance during our annual meeting. Agricultural associations are fortunate to have the availability of your showmanship for industry meetings, dinners and other farm-related events."
- The Maine Farm Bureau

A Dad's Eye View - from twinkle-in-the-eye stage, to the baby's first steps and beyond…

For anyone who has helped raise a child, Jackson will have you laughing and sighing in recognition of the challenges and delights of child-rearing in this endearing comedy/music revue.

"In his casual, extemporaneous-seeming style, Jackson captivated his audience with his new act… Interspersed throughout his engaging patter are songs Jackson has either written or collected to sing to his daughter or illuminate the parental condition…very sweet…funny stuff…not to be missed."
- Bar Harbor Times


Jackson musically trips along the rutty road to enlightenment with many an insightful detour to view the spills along the way. SwamiRamaYogiBoobooSuchaWindbag and Jackson's other altered egos promise to warm the chakras of your heart and rattle your funnybone.

"Gillman's sharp-edged satire has audience howling... With all the jibing and poking fun, one quickly realizes that it takes one to know one. Gillman is able to affectively land his gentle punches right where it feels good because he knows his topic."
- Portland Press Herald


In this show, many audience members are very willingly drafted into the comedy routines as supporting actors. Don't be surprised to be handed a script, microphone, puppet or whatever, and become a spontaneous part of the hilarity.

"Jackson is a perennial favorite here, and is very adept at getting the audience to participate, without embarrassing anyone."
- Don Brown, impressario of the Corner House Inn where Jackson has performed annually for 20 years.

An Evening of Maine Humor

Come hear the Lobster Trap Rap and other wicked good downeast stories. Original, interactive, and in good taste, drawn from a decade of summer comedy performances.

"Gillman is funny, he's genuine, and he's got the tact of a tightrope walker. Who else sings comedy about the silly antics of tourists to a packed room of tourists?...he's a hell of a showman."
- The Bar Harbor Times

"I give Jackson my highest recommendation. He's really good."
- The late Maine humorist, Marshall Dodge

Fool for Love

Jackson careens along the roller-coaster ride of love -- from the dizzying heights, to the plummeting dips, and all the derailments along the way to happily ever after.

"Gillman is no fool on love and he leaves no romance unsung. From schoolboy puppy love to downeast adulation, his approach is quick-witted, intelligent, and tasteful.
- Bar Harbor Times

Seasonal and holiday concerts

Jackson also has specific repertoire for Groundhogs Day - A Midwinter Night's Dream; Valentine's Day; A Purim Shpiel; St. Patrick's Day - Get Your Irish On; April Foolishness & Finesse; Mothers Day and Fathers Day; Autumn Wonders, Halloween, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years.

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