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Jackson Gillman, Stand-Up Chameleon
smiling Jackson popping through a white background
Let's hear Jackson NOW!
View a four-minute TV promotion for my Teller-in-Residence stint at the International Storytelling Center and a twisted version of the Princess and the Frog. CLICK HERE
Video Clip "Just What I Always Dreamed of"
Two, two, two songs in one!
Riot in the Garden / Let's Do "The Sprout" © 2007 Jackson Gillman

A mastered version of this demo will be included in the forthcoming CD release of "Riot in the Garden" on the Gentle Wind label. Please email Jackson for more information about the CD which includes many more educational songs and stories about gardening and farming.

And here is an interview which I did with Eric Wolf's "Art of Storytelling with Children" podcast and blog. The first ten minutes includes my rendition of Rudyard Kipling's "How the Whale Got His Throat." Click here to listen: http://www.storytellingwithchildren.com/2009/05/13/jackson-gillman-performance-critique/

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE hearing these clips, be sure you have the latest version of Quick Time Player installed on your computer.


Full texts of performances, sample videos and other reference letters, with contact information, are available:

P.O. BOX 41, ONSET, MASSACHUSETTS 02558 508/295-0886

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