Reviews From Hosts of Substance Abuse Programs

Old Town High School, Old Town, Maine

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sharing your knowledge with our 9th Grade students during our awareness program. The results of our evaluations indicate that our students found your presentation both entertaining and informative. This particular class is really difficult to engage in activities. We have struggled on many occasional to get them involved and only a handful seem to want to be part of the class. Your 'Perfect High' presentation includes audience participation and to be honest I didn't have much hope that this class would participate. The staff and I were overjoyed that they were actively involved in this program. I watched a class go from sitting still to standing up and singing and dancing. You should take pride in knowing that you are making a difference in our future citizens."
- Pat Kimball, Chemical Health Coordinator

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Tacoma, Washington

"Jackson has designed wonderful programs for prevention, intervention, and training venues for youth. Just some of the feedback we received for attendees at the conference:

'This is a must-see workshop.'

'Funny, informative, and great use of characters.'

'Gillman's performance draws you into the story and holds you there.'

'This was the best part of the entire conference!'

I believe that these quotes are testimony to Jackson Gillman's talent and commitment to substance abuse prevention."
- Allison M. Cox, Public Health Educator

Sacopee Valley High School

"Your performances on both days of our recent Chemical Awareness Conference was outstanding. I know that I can depend on consistently outstanding work from you. But don't rely on my opinion alone. Both of your programs received the highest rating from over 90% of the students! When asked what they liked best about the conference, students replied, "Jackson Gillman," again and again. Your contributions were the overwhelming favorites of students and staff alike."

Maine State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Conference

"Riveting! Excellent medium to communicate the message. "

"I'd seen this performance before and enjoyed it equally the second time around. Great to see non-traditional methods of presentation. "

"Fabulous! Love the ideas for working with teenagers. Held me spellbound. "

"Being the only youth in the audience I am only speaking for a small percent of the conference, but I thought he was great in presenting the material. I would hire him."

University of Maine Health Center

"Wow! You did a magnificent job at our conference. You moved college students, faculty and staff by bringing to life the issue of living with alcohol problems. You have a super talent and a fantastic delivery. Our sincere thanks for your efforts."

Jay High School

"We all thought your presentation was great. (Student rating - 97% excellent) The students couldn't rate your study guide. The committee rates it A+++. "

Putney School

"Thank you for your powerful performances. The combination of your conviction, theater and humor delivered your difficult message most successfully. I hope you will return to Putney often."

Mahwah NJ High School

"We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to you for your presentation of "Hard Knocks." We have received nothing but positive comments from both students and faculty members about your powerful depiction of an alcoholic and his family. Your presentation helped us to make our most successful S.A.D.D. Day ever. And what is even better, is that you enabled us to reach students that need help."

State of Maine Office of Substance Abuse

"Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation to others who are looking for creative ways to get important messages about substance abuse across to their target audiences. The wide variety of approaches you use is both impressive and fun. As you were performing at our "Treatment Works" celebration I watched the reaction of both adults and kids. It is testimony to your skill that both groups were able to identify with your characters and the messages being conveyed. I heard the term "awesome" more than once! "

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