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Jackson Gillman, Stand-Up Chameleon

Energy, wit, music, and wisdom are the stock in trade of Jackson Gillman, a.k.a. The Stand-Up Chameleon.

With performances for groups large or small, of all age ranges, Jackson incorporates comedy, drama, music, dance, mime, and sign language into his own intimate style of theatre. Being in the business of speaking and performing since 1978 has given Jackson an enormous amount of material from which to draw as he customizes an engaging program for any event.

Jackson believes that humor can enliven and enlighten any group, meeting, or gathering, and his is based on a foundation of beneficence, hope, and a belief in the enduring power of the human spirit.

Whether for a professional group meeting or school assembly, nightclub audience or small group, Jackson's performances are always delightful, magical, inspiring, spellbinding, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Talk to Jackson, and together you can develop a performance program that will be perfect for your next conference, meeting, banquet, or special event.

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